13 / 11 / 2011

Light Room Photo Book

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Light Room “馆子” is a self-publishing photography book released by Goooodie, the first issue showcases over 150 photographs shot by 17 young Chinese photographers, each photographer is represented by their works as chosen by, and including a critical text by. Light Room makes available to a wider audience one of the youngest Chinese photographer anthologies of recent years an essential book for anyone interested in photography or the world depicted by it.

Light Room features 17 young Chinese photographer include: Chen Chiachieh “陈家頡”, Chen Zhe “陈哲”, Fenk Zhang “张继峰”, Jia Rui “贾睿”, Ka Xiaoxi “咖小西”, Liu Nian “刘念”, Luka Yang “杨圆圆”, Luo Yang “罗洋”, Mou Hoo “某(胡哲玮)”, “邱阳”, Ren Hang “任航”, Ricenz Liu “刘垣”, Sophie Chen “陈天心”, Xiong Xiaomo “熊小默”, Xu Zhengdong “许正东”, Yuan Xiaopeng “袁小鹏”, Zhang Pingchuan “张平川”.

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