12 / 05 / 2014

Marie Rime: 面罩与铠甲背后

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摄影师 Marie Rime 用日常生活中常见的发夹、别针、拼图、吸管、扑克牌、棋子等小物件,打造出各种奇特面罩和铠甲,探讨观者和角色之间的互动关系。Rime 于1989年出生于瑞士沙尔梅(Charmey),2011年至2014年在 Ecal 瑞士洛桑艺术学院攻读摄影学士。

Armures 主题摄于2013年,照片中看不清女性的脸,也无从知晓她们的具体身份,摄影师通过哪些日常物品打造的铠甲,试图在权力、战争和装饰之间建立一种联系和反思。

This series of images, named Armures, represent women wearing armors. These costumes, realised with everyday objects, are the starting point of a reflexion of the relationship between power, war and ornament. These women loose their identity and become the support of their clothing.

Masques 主题摄于2011年,灵感源自原始部落艺术,观赏者眼中那些奇奇怪怪的面罩,是诱惑还是恐吓?

In this series, the notion of game is being questioned. I tried to express my fascination with the relationship between the players. I asked myself what the participants are looking for and whether they are trying to disturb, seduce or intimidate opponents. These reflections led to a series of pictures of a female model wearing masks inspired by primitive tribal art, yet created from elements of the games being played in the championships.

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