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Pieter Hugo: Nollywood

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美国有个Hollywood,印度有个Bollywood,在尼日利亚,还有个Nollywood,这里是世界第三大电影产业,每年产出500至1000部电影,几乎代表了整个非洲电影业。在尼日利亚,电影明星都是本土演员,电影制作有着非常丰富的本土素材,拍摄可以在任何地方进行,比如庭院、旅馆、空地等公共领域。南非摄影师Pieter Hugo拍摄的Nollywood系列照片,记录下电影拍摄过程中出现的各色人物,在这些定格的搞笑、浪漫、暴力、血腥图像背后,是每一个演员对自身扮演角色以Nollywood的方式重新演绎。这些画面不仅仅鲜活地呈现出尼日利亚日益崛起的电影业,更让看客们思考一个问题,这些纪实与虚幻的电影场景中的真实自我在哪里。Nollywood系列照片于2009年10月结集成图书出版。

Escort Kama. Enugu, Nigeria, 2008

In the series, photographer Pieter Hugoo explores the multilayered reality of the Nigerian film industry, Hugo has subsequently returned to Nigeria to extend and deepen this body of work, and the series have been published in book form by Prestel in October 2009.

Nollywood is the third largest film industry in the world, releasing between 500 and 1 000 movies each year. It produces movies on its own terms, telling stories that appeal to and reflect the lives of its public: it is a rare instance of self-representation on such a scale in Africa. The continent has a rich tradition of story-telling that has been expressed abundantly through oral and written fiction, but has never been conveyed through the popular media before. Stars are local actors; plots confront the public with familiar situations of romance, comedy, witchcraft, bribery, prostitution. The narrative is overdramatic, deprived of happy endings, tragic. The aesthetic is loud, violent, excessive; nothing is said, everything is shouted.

Tarry King Ibuzo. Enugu, Nigeria, 2008

Emeka Onu. Enugu, Nigeria, 2008

John Dollar Emeka. Enugu, Nigeria 2008

Obechukwu Nwoye. Enugu, Nigeria, 2008

Clinton Ibeto. Enugu, Nigeria, 2008

Junior Ofokansi, Chetachi Ofokansi, Mpompo Ofokansi. Enugu, Nigeria, 2008

Kelechi Nwanyeali. Enugu, Nigeria, 2009

Chris Nkulo and Patience Umeh. Enugu, Nigeria, 2008

Emilia Ibeh, Doris Orji and Sharon Opiah. Enugu, Nigeria, 2008

Azuka Adindu. Enugu, Nigeria, 2008

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