27 / 10 / 2011

The Monocle Café in Tokyo

NONZEN Team 都市 City

继去年在东京青山区开设第一家 The Shop 之后,Tyler Brûlé 在东京的第二家店开到了有乐町。与早前在北京皇家慕喜餐厅开设一样,这家店也采用店中店的形式,并首次进军食品业。在有乐町Hankyu Men’s Tokyo(阪急绅士馆) 新开张的多层男士百货店内,地面以上楼层专门售卖男性顾客钟爱的服装、鞋帽等潮流物件,在店的地下室,有一个宽敞而温馨的空间,也就是The Monocle Café的所在。

与以往开设的The Monocle Shop 崇尚的黑白灰不同,这家新开的咖啡馆色调十分温馨,空间摆设大量采用原木材料,并且保证整体的原木色调,试图营造出一种轻松的用餐环境,而这一切均出自以木工工艺闻名的日本 Maruni 家具设计公司。除了可以坐下来享用美味的咖啡、精心制作的菜肴和诱人的甜点,店内也有与以往The Monocle Shop一样的零售区域,用来展示和售卖 Monocle杂志、文具、海报、旅行用品及配件等。


It’s not merely another retail expansion, but somehow also demonstrates Monocle’s exceptional connectivity with the Japanese market. We’re talking the launch of The Monocle Café, the magazine’s second outlet in town but its very first foray into food, at Hankyu Men’s Tokyo. This is a newly opened upmarket multi-storey department store in Tokyo’s Ginza area that exclusively targets savvy male professionals, an audacious initiative that’ll resonate profoundly in the city’s retail arena. Located in the store’s basement section, it’s a spacious yet intimate environment that’s easy on the eye. The aesthetics here are understated, and knowing mr. Brûlé, no detail has escaped his roving eye.

There’s a beautiful mix of design and natural materials from east and west, from the flooring and maruni furniture to the iittala crockery and graf cutlery. and offering the best tastes and experiences found on travels by Monocle’s editors’ travels, The Monocle Café serves a tempting menu of great coffee, classic dishes and yummy desserts. A Monocle store is also accommodated here, featuring a regularly updated selection of items from its many cool retail collabs, such as stationery, posters, travel items and accessories. This store is an addition to the one previously opened in the city’s Aoyama area last year.

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